Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bloggy Christmas

Image from Turkey Vogue

Image from Turkey Vogue.

Over the past few months I have found the blog world is filled with the most talented, lovely people and tonight, I will get to meet many of the bloggers I follow at Ivy and Pipers Christmas Party for QLD Bloggers.  The dress: Fabulosity.  My reaction: AHHHHH!  Since opening the shop I haven't really had time to wash my hair, let alone shop for a fabulous dress... Luckily, I spent the weekend in Sydney with one of my best friends for her birthday... We may or may not have timed the visit so we could go the the Harry Potter Exhibition, but thats an entirely different story!  So this afternoon when I finish at the shop, there will be a quick change in to something that will mildly resemble 'fabulosity' and I will be off to drink and be merry with the people who unknowingly inspire me every day...  I will take some photos to share with you tomorrow! xx


  1. Lovely to meet you at the Ivy Party tonight Lauren. And your dress was definitely fabulous. Amber

  2. Does actually use a butter knife to properly put on lipstick.




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