Lauren’s interest in interior design began at a young age where she drove her mother crazy rearranging her bedroom on a weekly basis.

A fully qualified florist, Lauren began her university education studying International Business and Law but found it lacked the creative outlet she craved. From there Lauren went on to complete a diploma in Fashion Design, then moved to a Bachelor of Design specialising in Interior Design.

Ryan was always destined to do something with hard physical labour.  Playing Soccer for years semi - professionally took a toll on his body, so he moved forward with a mature age apprenticeship in Carpentry.  On completion it was a natural progression to get on with his Builders and work together with Lauren to create gorgeous homes. 

With a particular love for residential design, Lauren and Ryan relish in meeting new people, learning about how they live and finding perfect solutions for their spaces.  Designing with a builder by her side Lauren can ensure a budget conscious design and a better understanding of the design and build process.


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