Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Porcelain Pretties...

Samantha Robinson's work is something that I can oooooogle over for hours.  When I was doing the buying for the shop opening in August, I think I spent a good 45min to an hour debating with myself over what pieces to start with in the shop.  If one part of me had my way, Rylo Interiors would have been a Samantha Robinson store!  However, I managed to keep it to a minimum and pick the few pieces that really stood out to me.  Pieces that I loved for the workmanship, design and of course because they are beautiful!

I did purchase an assortment of her beautiful Christmas baubles, I only had them out for a few hours and they were snapped up quick smart!  I didn't even get one for myself!!

So if you think these are lovely in the photos, please come in and see them with your own eyes... They really are special and would be the perfect gift for someone special! xx

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