Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The wholly s**t moment...

Ry and I had been working on the house for a couple of weeks, completely gutting the place. It would have been great to buy a house that we didn't have to gut, that said, I think that was one of my favourite parts of the journey. There was carpet throughout the house, living room, bedrooms AND toilet... EW. The kitchen cupboards were painted shut and there were dead rats in the oven...

I had taken to the kitchen with a sledge hammer by this stage.

Mum and I removed all of the carpet (love you mummy!), vinyl and termite eaten floorboards. Even some of the walls that were to mouldy to save... We decided that a lot of the work we were doing inside could be done at night, so we thought we had best tackle the backyard. Now, although the backyard was always there, and I had walked through it many MANY a time, it wasn't until I started to take photos of what was going on out there that I realised.... WHOLLY S**T! I don't like rats... I don't like insects... I don't like snakes... We had all of them... Hiding in this mess.

We had a small jungle down one side of the house. There was even a dog house in there.

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