Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Beginning...

In April 2009, we had entered negotiations into purchasing a little 'gem' in Birkdale. It had water views, it was a 1920's chamfer board cottage AND it was in our price range!! This tiny 2 bedroom shack ticked nearly all our boxes for our first home, and we couldn't of been happier or more excited. So, in May it settled and the 'love shack' as my parents like to call it, became ours.
(scary I know)

Ryan and I saw this little baby and decided it was the one for us... despite all of the worried looks and constant questions of judgement...

This is really where our passion started. I had been studying interior design for 2 years, and working in it for about 4 years. Ryan had started his carpentry apprenticeship and we felt we were on to something.

This blog is really going to be about our journey, we know where we want to go, we generally know how to get there, we just have to do the hard yards. I hope that by sharing this journey, we will inspire others, make a few of you laugh, definitely cringe but show that even though we are young, we are very capable, passionate hard workers who love doing what we do. I would also personally like to show that although we all dream of the gorgeous designer house... it is possible on a beer budget...

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