Friday, February 3, 2012

Day trips and Deliveries...

 I spent the day running around Sydney yesterday. First up, a seminar with Martyn Lawrence Bullard!  He was fabulous!  His client list has names such as Cher, Ellen Pompeo, The Osbournes and Elton John, just to name a few...  It was so interesting to learn how he works and how he interacts with his clients.  He even told a story about working with Cher, she was filming the movie Burlesque and performing in Vegas, but still wanted to be involved in all the design decisions, so Martyn and Cher would lie in bed together with samples and ideas layed out all over and decide on every detail... HA!  Seems so far fetched doesn't it... He was an absolute pleasure and full of stories.

I ventured out to Woolarah which was a bit of a shock really, so many stores had closed and it wasn't the bustling hub it used to be... Sad really... Everyone told me now was a bad time to start a retail business... EEK!

SO, I found some gorgeous bits and pieces for some clients, and some AMAZING vintage Kelims in the most incredible colours and patterns.. (photos to come).  So all in all it was a great day trip!

There is lots happening in store at the moment, some new furniture has arrived and of course more cushions!  I can't seem to keep up the demand! So here is a sneak peek at one of the new cane pieces we have in store.... STUNNING!

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