Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pick me up!

For some reason, this time of year I seem to get in a bit of a rutt... I had a wonderful start to the year! I got married, had a huge family reunion and finally booked my workaholic husband in for a well earned holiday!

Now, I think I have post wedding blues, and I am determined to get my butt into gear and move on! Every morning I make myself a green tea and sit at my pokey little computer nook and browse through all of my favourite blogs... Its so inspirational! I am led to so many online stores, beautiful designs and stories that melt my heart. So this morning I would finally like to return the favour!

He are a few of my favourite spaces that I have seen lately. They are all COLOUR! I remember in my colour therapy class at uni, we all thought it was a bit of a joke but its all true... colour does alter the mind, it makes you happy, when done well, and we all like to be happy!

All images are from Lonny Mag.


  1. Lauren! I didn't know you had a blog - I love!!!

  2. I've been feeling a little in need of a pep-up lately too - not wedding blues though! Love these gorgeous colourful images and lovely to discover your blog! x Naomi


  3. Yes Jess I'm here!! Thank you for visiting Naomi! xx



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