Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sydney City Slickers

Angie and I have spent the weekend in Sydney at the Trade Fairs finding some pretty amazing goodies for the new studio and for my house... Because thats just a perk of the job really!  We are now back at the shop really tired a little delirious and a lot poorer...

Thought I could show you a few sneaky peaks of the amazingness that will be showcased in our new studio!  Sorry for the dodgy pictures - I'm no photographer and this was me learning how to use my fancy pants new iPhone!

We finally have a move in date for the new studio pending on Pete the cabinet maker and how fast he can make all my cabinetry dreams come true...  SO over the Easter Break I am going to employ the Easter Bunny to help me move and I'm going to eat all of your Chocolate eggs to keep me going - consider it a sacrifice for home beauty!

We will be open and ready for business on Monday 13th!  Come and see us and ogle at our loveliness!



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