Friday, May 3, 2013

May Already!?

It's May already..... That means a few things for us here at Rylo....

1. It means it has nearly been a year since I have blogged.
2. It means we now have a full building and renovating service available through Rylo Building and design...
3. It means we are adding the the Rylo Family this month!!

When you start a business you really have these grand ideas of all of the things that you are going to do for the business on a regular basis... Things such as blogging were right up there on my list of things to do.  Unfortunately, there aren't enough hours in the day to allow me to blog so I have been 'instagraming' and 'facebooking' when I can! This is so quick and easy, but unfortunately it means that the blog just slides way down the list of things to do...

There have been so many changes at Rylo in the past few months... I would be writing an essay if I went through all of them, but probably one of the biggest is the addition of Rylo Building and Design.  My husband Ryan is now a fully qualified builder and we have an incredible team of contractors at the ready to complete anything from a full new build to a simple renovation.  It is so exciting to be able to offer our clients a full service and we are hoping to have our newest project photographed and up on a new website soon.  So stay tuned!!!!

Another change to Rylo Interiors has been Angie....  Angie joined me at Rylo as my angel and offsider just before Christmas.  All of our regulars would know Angie by now, but if you haven't been in and met her yet please do!  She is fabulous!  Her eye for design and style is impeccable and I actually don't think I would survive without her....

Which leads me on to the final point...  Ryan and I are due to have a baby this month!  I will be taking a little time off, but I will always be contactable via email and Angie will be stalking me every day... So it will be business as usual here, but at home I will be learning how to be a mum, wife and business owner at the same time and trying to nail all three!!!

So please like us on Facebook and follow us on instagram for regular updates as the blog is going to once again be pushed down the list.

I can't thank all of my fabulous clients enough for all of their well wishes for our up coming addition to the Rylo Family!  We are so excited and the little man will be a regular in store... Cuddles are welcome!!

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