Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three Favourite Things

 I spent yesterday in Melbourne, and yes I do love Melbourne, but after coming home and having the best sleep I have had in a while (getting up at 3.30am isn't my thing) and getting up to weather like today, I really really love living in Brisbane!

The main reason I love Melbourne is because I always come home inspired... I don't know if it is just being surrounded by different things, or Melbourne, but I always come home ready to change the world!  Here are my three favourite things from yesterday!

I have a very busy week ahead of me, but I will try my very best to keep you all in the loop!  My stock room is full of unpacked boxes so there will be many photos to come! xxx


  1. I love the ginger jar, and that last photo is divine - is it fabric? I'm a Kiwi but if my husband has it his way we will be living in Brisbane one day, and after a trip last year, I have to say you are very lucky to call it home! xxx

  2. Hi Vic, the last photo is fabric yes! I love it, definitely one of my favourites! All my family is from New Zealand, its my second home! Nothing like Brisbane, but still beautiful! x



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